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Popular Loan Products

Business Loans

We can help businesses of all sizes, from startups to long established companies. Whatever your circumstances maybe, we can arrange finance for almost any business need.

Franchise Loans

Buying a franchise may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You’re not on your own – Money Wow is here to help you find the best solution for financing your franchise.

Cash Flow Loans

Moneywow can help to find the best loans at the best rates to support business cashflow. We support lending for general cash flow, stock, invoice finance and recruitment.

Asset Finance

If your business is looking to invest in tangible assets be that office equipment, manufacturing equipment, cars or specialised vehicles you would benefit from an affordable, secure means of finance.

Start-Up Loans

We specialise in sourcing funding for all costs associated with a new venture. Our specialist panel of funders can support refurbishment works, essential equipment and soft costs such as building deposits, marketing & web development.

Soft Play Loans

You can have the soft play equipment you need now, with payments spread across its useful life. Since ‘soft’ assets often depreciate quickly it makes sense to use leasing to procure your soft play equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A new business start-up?

Start-up expenses can being notably high, so with a long-term loan it will give you access to the funds you need, while being able to pay back what you owe with manageable monthly payments.

Who is business finance for?

Business finance is for all types of businesses, no matter how big or small. You may  need at some point to think about business finance.

What is business finance?

Its a range of financial products designed to help you run a business. This  can range from something as simple as a business bank account to more significant finance such as a commercial mortgage.

Who can apply for Business finance?

Anyone running a business and anyone looking to start a business options are available.

Short term business loans?

A short-term business loan is a loan you take out to finance your business it may be cash flow you need or equipment. The loan term can last anywhere from 3 months to a year.

How much interest will i pay?

Many factors determine how much interest you pay back on your loan. The type of loan, amount of money and loan repayment period will all have influence on the interest rate.

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