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Mortgages & Bridging Loans

Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgages are usually a long-term loans usually as long as 25 years that provides the money to buy a property for your business. Most commercial property mortgages only offer up to 70% of the total value (LTV) of the property, the lender usually relies on the business to make up the rest of the money in order to complete the purchase.

Buy To Let

The Buy To Let mortgage is specifically for people or businesses who buy property as an investment, other than as a place of residence. If your plan is to rent out a property, most lenders will not allow you to finance your purchase with a standard residential mortgage. Typically lenders require 20-25% deposits.

Home Mortgages

A residential mortgage is usually the house that you buy to live in, this is a large long term loan taken out by one or more persons to buy the home. With this type of mortgage the home must be used as a residence by the borrowers, it can not be rented out by tenants or used for commercial purposes.



Re-mortgages are when the property owner switches from the current mortgage to another product i.e lender. This doesn’t involve any moving of home, but does mean replacing your existing agreement on the property with another. This is usually done to unlock equity in the property or to get a better rate.

Agriculture Mortgages

The agricultural mortgages are a types of commercial mortgages that are specifically for agricultural, rural or equestrian properties. They are mostly used for the purchase of farms, farmland and the associated buildings.


Development Loans

A Development loan usually a short term loan which is advanced towards the purchasing of land or buildings requiring that require development works. The required funds are typically issued in stages or drawdown payments upon completion of pre-agreed works. Expect banks to fund up to 85% of the cost of development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?

In many cases the amount that each person can borrow is based on their gross income, their current credit commitments are also taken into account and to some extent the amount of deposit they have.

How much deposit do I need?

The minimum deposit for a residential mortgage can be as low as 5% although these can be few and far between. Normally the deposit is 10% however the more deposit you generally put down the better rate you can get. Its also important to note that different products have different deposit requirements.

Can I pay my mortgage off early?

Yes its possible to pay off your mortgage but just be aware of early repayment penalties if you have only had your mortgage product for a short time. These are usually outlined during the process of taking out your mortgage.

Can I have more than one mortgage?

You can usually have only one residential mortgage but you are able to buy another property to let out and typically have as many buy to let mortgages as you need if you meet the lenders requirements.

Is there any tax to pay when I sell my property?

You will not pay any tax on your main residence but investment properties bought on a Buy To Let  basis will be subject to Capital Gains Tax.

Can i overpay on my mortgage?

Yes you can, normally the lenders allow you to pay off up to 10 percent of the balance in any one year without incurring any repayment penalties. If you want to pay more the please note penalty charges may occur.

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