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Renewable Finance Products

Wind Power

Sourcing the finance for your own wind turbine and installation is maybe daunting for many businesses or home owners who want to use it as a renewable energy source. There are a range of ways to explore, including whether you just want to rent out the land for a supplier to use, or you want to own the wind turbine outright and benefit from the profits.

Solar Energy

Solar energy has become a more economically feasible product in commercial onsite energy generation, thanks to a clever new finance model. Money Wow can help get you the best finance package to suit your needs at the best rates possible. We will compare all the different lenders and give your business the best possible rates available in the renewable sector.

Biomass Boilers

If you’re planning to develop, or are already developing, a biomass boiler project, Money Wow can help in securing the best solution at market leading rates using our specialist Green Energy lenders




LED Lighting

LED lighting has been picking up pace across the country. Securing finance can be difficult as lenders often don’t fully understand the technology or substantial financial savings available when compared with regular lighting systems. We can help solve that problem for you.

Hydro Energy

Despite the huge demand for clean energy and an abundance of capital available in the UK securing financing arrangements for hydropower developments can be quite challenging, which needs to be specifically tailored for each project. Money Wow can help secure the finance required.

Geothermal Energy

A great solution to renewable energy, we can support all scales of Ground Source projects. It’s green, adaptable and commonly financed with Solar Panels to support electricity generation. We can help your business succeed in getting the required financing for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have the budget?

We work with a variety of funders and can arrange finance for viable projects which can avoid the capital outlay. 

How can we rely on the commercial assessment?

The financial forecasts have been reviewed and checked by a firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in the green energy sector. The assessments are of course only as robust as the assumptions used in the calculations.

What makes a suitable site?

Apart from the need for available capacity on the local electricity network, proximity to a suitable power supply, typically a 33kV distribution line or substation, is one of the main criteria for solar farm sites.

What returns can be expected?

Offers of nearer £600-£750/acre are more common as developers try to secure sites as cheaply as possible. We think good solar sites can still push £900-£1,000/acre.

Do you require a deposit?

Deposits are not required and 100% of the project can be funded.


Do you offer staged payements?

Yes we can offer staged payments as required to your chosen installer/supplier.


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